Hello in Kashira's world. We are here to make your life more colorful and fun.

The brand was founded by Katarzyna Stocka-Dapiaggi, a Polish samba dancer, instructor, and choreographer. Her passion lies in creating clothes that are not only visible but also incredibly comfortable for all dancers, especially samba dancers and roller skaters - her two great passions.

Our clothes and accessories are designed to be comfortable and practical for dance, while also boasting an original and colorful look. This means you can add vibrancy to your life and skate or dance with style.

Our tasseled shorts are designed to make your moves more visible, giving you the self-confidence to improve your skills.

All our clothes are produced in Poland, while our latest designs are created in Berlin.

Kashira clothes are tailored for all powerful women who aspire to run the world. They represent not just clothing but a commitment to feeling happiness and joy.

We are able to send your favorite sets to any place in the world!

Whether you're a dancer, skater, or heading to a festival, there's nothing better than adorning yourself with our beautiful clothes.